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[Non-accredited] Interpreting the Science of Wound Hygiene: Infection and Hard-to-Heal Wounds

The wound hygiene protocol has been adopted worldwide in 35+ countries to date over the last 2 years and has made a significant impact in the outcomes of patients with hard-to-heal wounds. An important factor to understand in hard-to-heal wounds is that chronic wound infections are microbiologically, immunologically, and clinically distinct from acute wound infections and require different assessment and treatment strategies. Hear from an international expert in wound biofilm and its impact on wound healing who was instrumental in the development of advanced wound dressing technologies to manage biofilm within the dressing. 

This session will address the origins of the wound hygiene protocol, as well as the clinical manifestations, microbial involvement, and host inflammatory response in chronic wound infections and provide recommendations for the most effective treatment strategies to ultimately improve healing outcomes and support antibiotic stewardship efforts in wound care.

Registrants attending this session will learn:

  • The rationale for the wound hygiene protocol
  • The distinctions between acute and chronic wound infections, and appropriate treatment strategies for improving healing outcomes, while practicing antibiotic stewardship principles in wound care
  • The evolution of wound care dressing technology to address the challenges of chronic wound infection and biofilm management

Sponsored by Convatec 

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  • Philip G Bowler, MPhil, BSc, FIBMS
    Phil Bowler Consulting Ltd
    Formerly, Vice President for Science & Technology, Convatec Inc.

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