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COVID-19 Research Briefs: Updates on COVID-19 Treatments in Critical Illness

The benefit of COVID-19 therapies is dependent upon the stage/severity of the illness. This lecture, COVID-19 Treatments in Critical Illness, addresses what health care providers need to know about treating severe COVID-19 by utilizing both therapeutic and non-therapeutic treatments. 


Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will learn more about:

  • Defining severity of COVID-19 based on the NIH guidelines spectrum. 
  • The phases of COVID-19, including peak infectivity and the inflammatory phase.
  • Predicted and demonstrated benefits of different COVID-19 therapies in relation to the severity of illness and course over time.
  • The non-therapeutic treatment measures that are key to supportive management, particularly in critically ill patients.
  • Therapeutic management of COVID-19, including the use of Remdesevir, steroids, and tocilizumab. 
  • The effect of COVID-19 on coagulation and the ongoing studies surrounding anticoagulation and coronavirus, including REMAP-CAP, ACTIV-4, and ATTACC. 
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  • Vikram Mukherjee MD, FRCP
    Assistant Professor NYU School of Medicine
    Director, Bellevue Medical ICU