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Simplifying Stoma Management: There’s No Mystique to Fix the Leak

The Leak Protection (Moldable) webinar is scheduled to start on Thursday, May 25th, 2023 at 1:00-2:00pm ET (17:00 UTC). 

Program Summary:

Peristomal skin complications can occur in approximately 80% of patients within 2 years of having surgery.1,2 Peristomal skin complications vary, but the most common is moisture-associated. Leakage is the top concern for both nurses and patients.3 Traditional cut-to-fit (CTF) and precut (PC) barriers cannot adjust to changes in stoma or irregularities for patients. Traditional CTF and PC barriers may leave room for effluent to leak.

In the recent OSMOSE study, 95% of patients were able to maintain healthy skin when using moldable barriers.4 In addition, 86% of patients who started using moldable barriers after experiencing peristomal skin complications were able to improve the integrity of their skin.4 Therefore, shifting patients away from using traditional CTF and PC barriers to moldable barriers, may help to prevent stomal leakage and could potentially improve their quality of life.


Learning Objectives:

· Define and discuss stomal leakage and its impact on skin health.

· Identify clinical situations leading to stomal leakage.

· Initiate interventions to reduce and eliminate leakage.



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